The Many Advantages of Using an Airport Car Rental

It seems like you got a great deal on your rental car at $19.99 a day but before long you find the price skyrocketing as your bill is rung up at the rental counter. There are the sales taxes, airport surcharges, licensing fees, and the car rental travel insurance - suddenly you are having melt down over the exact price and do you really need to buy car rental travel insurance?

So how can you avoid being nickel and dimed to death? What charges can you eliminate from your bill? Are there things such as the car rental travel insurance that you can avoid paying without risk? Read on for tips on how cut costs

Sales tax and airport charges vary considerably between countries, states, and cites. Unfortunately, you probably can't avoid these taxes which can be as high as 25%.

However, you may be able to avoid the airport charges by picking up and dropping off your car at location other than the airport. You will need to consider the possible inconvenience and the price of any additional transportation against the fees charged by the airport. The bottom line is if you don't want to pay the airport concession fee and check out other options.

One of the most common extra charges is for car rental travel insurance, usually referred to by rental companies as collision damage or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW). If you pay the extra fee which can range anywhere from $10 - $35 a day, you ensure you are not liable for any damage to the vehicle. That is providing you are not charged with gross negligence. Car rental travel insurance is optional in most countries although it is compulsory in some regions which then it is built into the car rental cost.

Before you purchase the extra car rental travel insurance, check to see if your regular car insurance covers you in a rental car because many policies do. Also some credit cards also offer the additional coverage. Either of these options can save you a bundle of money on car rental travel insurance.

Other optional insurance coverage includes Personal Accident Insurance, Personal Effects Coverage, and Additional Liability Insurance which you can purchase from the rental company. Same applies here - check existing policies and credit cards to see if you already have this coverage.

Again, your best bet is to check your existing policy to see whether you are comfortable with the coverage you already have.

With many of the rental companies you return your rental with an empty tank and allow them to fill it and bill you there will be a premium so it's better if you fill it before returning it.

Many car rental companies, including Avis and Hertz now offer the option of purchasing a full tank of gas at the time you pick up your rental which lets you return the car with as much or as little fuel as you want. The problem with this is there is no refund for fuel you don't need. So for example if you return it with half a tank you aren't going to get a refund for the other half of tank.

These are just a few ways to save money but the

will save you the most money so make sure you do your checks and balances.

When considering the cost of using the airport car rental as opposed to using your car or public transportation and taxis, you will realize that although the rental of a car comes at a greater cost than the other transportation options (such as taxis and public transportation), you will find that the peace of mind, time saved, and the convenience of immediately jumping into a rental when you arrive at the airport, and having it available to you constantly, might be the real savings that you appreciate.
The airport car rental is best booked as far ahead of the needed time as possible to be able to get the exact car and the best possible price available. Late booking can result in a rental cost of as much as 35 to 45 percent higher. Also, when booking ahead, you should explore the special weekly or weekend rates some companies may offer for longer rental periods.
If you are traveling for pleasure or for business, perhaps the best decision you can make is to book a car from airport car rental. Doing this, will prove to be the best use of your time since the transportation issue will already be taken care of. When your plane lands, you will not have to waste time hailing a taxi, or waiting on a friend or business associate to pick you up at the airport. You would have booked a car and it would be waiting for you to pick up at the time you specified.
Using airport car rental allows you to focus your time on the task on hand, either the business trip that you are taking, or enjoying yourself on the vacation that you had planned. Getting from one place to another, even if you are new to the area, will be a simple matter of asking for directions at the hotel desk, plotting your journey with the GPS device in the car and setting out with your car. You will be totally self-reliant and there will not be a need to coordinate your schedule with someone who will transport you to your any place you want to go.
Yet another reason to use airport car rental is that your company may be footing the bill so you will not need to take your car or rely on public transportation. Your company may have a special long term relationship with the car rental agency and may even get specially discounted corporate rates.
One very important reason for using airport car rental is that you will be certain to receive reliable transportation straight from the airport, you will not have to look for transportation as it will already be waiting for you once your plane arrives and it will be to you specification. When you ordered the car you would have specified exactly the size and any other particulars, such as a non-smoking car, you wanted in a car.
After reaching your travel destination, the ideal situation for you would be to just leave the plane, hop over to the car rentals area, get into the car you had already reserved online, get your luggage and drive to your hotel location.
When in need of a car on a business or pleasure trip, you should think about the airport car rental. Any added expense you incur, will be worth the extra convenience you experience and the time saved.