Texas – The Destination for Passionate Travelers

If a rock falls from the sky and cracks the windshield of your rental car, you are liable for the damage. This point is made clear, somewhere deep inside your rental car contract: you are financially responsible for any damage to the car while it is under your care, whether you caused that damage or not. You certainly already know this, but it still may not sway you to purchase additional insurance for your rental car. After all, what are the chances it will happen to you?

It's true that the chances of your rental car incurring damage aren't high. But it's also true that once your rental car does incur damage, that probability becomes irrelevant. Here's a scenario to consider:

You arrive at the airport, pick up your bags and head to the rental car service counter. You fill out the paperwork, and are told to select a car from the parking lot. In the parking lot, all of the cars are parked outside. Airplanes are flying overhead. You find a car, throw in your luggage and you are on your way. Two days later, you drop the car off without incident.

Three or four weeks later, you receive a later from your rental car company. If the letter comes from Alamo (which is now part of Enterprise), it may say: "Our Damage Recovery Unit has received notification of damaged or loss to the vehicle you rented...If you have not already done so, please contact your insurance company and/or credit card company to report this claim to them."

At this point, there's no way for you to prove that the reported damage didn't happen while the car was in your care--even if you never saw the reported damage. Indeed, it isn't inconceivable that a rock did fall from the sky and put a tiny knick in the car's windshield, before you slipped the keys into the door. But alas, it doesn't matter. That damage is your responsibility.

If you dispute the claim, the car rental company will notify the management of the drop-off location that reported the damage. You can expect those managers to confirm that the damage is, without question, your responsibility. From there, you have no choice but to figure out how to pay for it.

According to an Alamo representative, the counter attendants in airport service centers generally don't do "walk-arounds" of the vehicle before you drive away; they simply don't have the time. Therefore, the only way to protect yourself against paying for pre-existing damage to a rental car is to do your own walk-around. Inspect the car carefully and make note of all scratches, knicks and dents. Then go back to the service counter and get someone to document those damages. Don't expect this process to be easy either; if they don't have time to do the walk-around themselves, they may not be thrilled by your request. 

When you return the car, ask your attendant to inspect the car immediately. Ask for something in writing indicating the car had no damage when you returned it. Be prepared to wait. If it's a problem, you can always take pictures of the car after you hand over the keys.

Once you've already been stuck with the liability, you can use your car insurance, any insurance provided by your credit card issuer, and your own money to pay for the damage. First, verify your deductible on your insurance policy. Then, check with your credit card issuer; sometimes, the card-provided insurance will at least pay the deductible. If you don't want to risk a rising auto policy premium, you can collect on your card-provided insurance and cover the remainder on your own. 

Whenever we think of Texas vacations, what primarily comes to our mind is the beautiful scenario of Alamo located in San Antonio. During the later part of the sixteenth century, the Spanish explorers crossed the Rio Grande River in order to give formation to one of the first missions in Texas very close to El Paso. Texas became an integral part of Mexico after the latter achieved independence from Spain.
Texas revolution gained full momentum in 1853 due to the conflagration of internal conflicts between the original settlers and those who came from outside. In 1845, Texas was proud to be declared as the 28th state of US mainly after a series of devastating battles, which include the battle of the Alamo and the battle of San Jacinto. Texas has gained immense recognition as a leading agricultural and industrial power and the state is significantly noted for its wealth and prosperity.
Texas occupies a total area of 695674 sq km with a population of over 19439337. A unique cultural combination of the Indians and the Spanish, French and other European explorers and missionaries have made Texas a colorful land of diversified cultural unifications. Some of the major attractions of Texas include the famous Johnson Space Center, which is the seat of significant space information seat. In order to enjoy the essence of Texas vacation you must surely visit the meandering banks of the San Antonio River situated in the Central or South Texas regions.
Other places worth visiting in Texas includes the official museum of the state of Texas, successfully named after the late Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock. Texas Stadium has always been an international attraction as the home of the Dallas Cowboys. If you are interested about the various secrecies of marine habitation then you are free to take a glimpse at the Corpus Christi’s Texas State Aquarium. Other eminent Texas attractions include Buckhorn Saloon and Museum, Cathedral of Junk, Forbidden Gardens, Texas Prison Museum, Cascade Caverns and Ezekiel Airship.
The Austin Airport Marriott South is a suitable Texas vacation rental from where you can enjoy the pleasure of Texas hill country. This well provided hotel is situated five miles south of downtown Austin and six miles from the University of Texas campus. Some of the other well-sufficed lodges of Texas are Camp Wood, Marathon, Water Valley, Austin, Ant Street Inn, Mariposa Ranch, Kyle, Fort Worth and MD Resort.
In order to enjoy your stay in any Texas vacation rental you can hire cars from several companies available at the airport. Some of these significant car rental companies comprise Advantage, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz and National.
In the whole of United States, Texas is the only destination where activities and attractions have taken wide dimensions to attract the attention of a large number of tourists internationally. Great food, golf, beaches, hunting, great accommodations and bird watching have enhanced the prestige of Texas as a foremost traveling destination.