Car Rental Alternatives in the Period of Hiked Gasoline Price

In reality there are a number of car hire companies in South Africa but the thing is, a large portion of those do not deliver the best quality at the best possible price. Let me provide you with an unbiased list of those you should consider.

This is a brand that is known all over the world. It is also available in South Africa and it offers an instant online booking facility, unlimited kilometers, comprehensive road map, and you can request a mobile phone as part of the package. It also offers 100% insurance and the cars can be collected and returned at any AVIS branch across the country.

A popular car hire company in South Africa with a network of offices across the country and 3000 cars to rent. They also have kiosks at all major airports, which is great for travelers. They have unlimited mileage packages, option to hire a GPS and you can collect of return a car from any TEMPEST branch in the country.

This is yet another international company that has a strong South African presence. Through this car rental company in South Africa, you can get unlimited mileage, comprehensive road maps and mobile phone on request. They also offer instant online quoting and booking facility.

Has an instant online booking facility and is considered one of the cheapest amongst car rental companies in South Africa. Like most of the ones mentioned above, they offer unlimited mileage, representation in all airports, have 1600 cars to rent and they rotate them every 9 months to make sure that you drive a well maintained car.

This is one of the largest car rental company in South Africa. Its popular brand Imperial is known country wide and Europ is known world over. This means if you rent a car through this company, you enjoy the best of both worlds i.e. an international brand that has local roots. Their online booking system is fast and instant. A simple four step process whereby you simply provide your pick up details, drop off details, make a car selection and you are done.

If New Orleans is in travel planner in future and you are looking at viable option of car rental then a surprise free car renal upgrade is coming your way. As in current scenario of fluctuating gas prices demand for small cars have gone up, surprisingly, pressing up supply in car rental industry.
This one is tricky, but is the scenario in entire America. Whenever you go for car rental ask for the cheapest car and there are chances that you may be offered bigger car on a same price. In case, you are asked by car renting agency for upgrade in fee keep patient unless the name of the car model is not revealed to you. However, you need to be extra careful when negotiating car rental insurance. In order to avoid any confusion you can check out from credit card Company about insurance coverage they provide and also enquire from your auto insurance company.
Also check the gasoline tank, in case it is not filled inform the agency so they may not charge for full tank at time of returning the car. Look out for any dents and damage at the exterior as well as interior of the car and inform the agency any such is found while scrutinizing the car to save you paying from extra when returning the car. Keep receipt for Gasoline.
The other alternative to sort out problem of car renting in withered period of increased prices is Hybrid cars that can run on more than one type of fuel. Among all the models for car renting, the most popular one is Toyota Prius in the category of hybrid cars. It is the most commonly found hybrid car for rent.
It is a great car to drive as incorporates many features not only unique to hybrids but are also found in the cars commonly. However, Prius is not the only car model that is hybrid there a many more models available in the market to provide you with a different driving experience.
The other Toyota hybrids are SUV, the Highlander hybrid, Sedan and Camry hybrid. The Highlander hybrid is a spacious SUV with exceptional features like comfortable, large, interior and optional third row seat. It is placed on the top spot for previous ten years on the quality of fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness as hybrid car. In the form of full size Sedan, the Camry hybrid is better and roomy option to Prius, especially when you are getting away with family.
As Toyota is not the only hybrid car maker other popular model of the hybrid car is Honda Civic. Honda civic is good with room and space within the car despite being smaller and excellent in terms of gas mileage. The other popular hybrid is Ford Escape Hybrid. Like Toyota Highlander, the Escape highlander also is operable in electric, hybrid, and full fuel model. The Nissan Altima hybrid is also praised for its performance as a hybrid car. This way you can have an easy and cheaper alternative for car rent in period of hiked gasoline price.